The Sir Robert Woodard Academy.

The president, Catherine Gayda and the members of the twinning association Pays des Olonnes-Worthing had worked the best they could to prepare their stay here when they finally arrived. We all knew there would be 81 children and yet they appeared like a crowd, a huge silent wave of young professionals full of confidence. We knew the shows would be great but they were a lot better than expected.

Load the cannons !” shouted the pirates and we all prayed for the baddies to lose. Then the choir sang, the orchestra played, the dancers moved on the music, such a treat for the eyes and ears! Oh, yeah, BRITAIN’S GOT TALENT…

Thanks to each and everyone on either side of the Channel who took part in the adventure and made the miracle take shape in the sunny “Le Pays des Olonnes”.

Please come back soon !



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