Welcome, Christmas! heel and toe,
Here we wait thee in a row.
Come, good Santa Claus we beg,
Fill us tightly foot and leg.
Fill us quickly ere you go,
Fill us 'til we overflow.
That's the way! And leave us more;
Heaped in piles upon the floor.
Little feet that ran all day
Twitch in dreams of merry play.
Little feet that jumped at will,
Lie all pink, and warm, and still.
See us, how we lightly swing ;
Hear us, how we try to sing Welcome,
Christmas! heel and toe,
Come and fill us ere you go.
Here we hang, 'til someone nimbly
Jumps with treasure down the chimney.
Bless us! How he'll tickle us
Funny old St. Nicholas !

Mary Mapes Dodge
From "Rhymes and Jingles" 1904
Illustration by William Heath Robinson
From 'Christmas Thieves' c1910